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January 21, 2008


tom s.

I fear that trackbacks are dead and gone. Too bad, because they seemed one of the best things about blogging, with the possibility of making actual conversations happen.

As for comments - is captcha not enough?

Christopher Fairbairn

I was facing the same problem on my blog, at peaks getting about 100+ spam comments/trackbacks a day. Enough to make manual moderation via email too difficult and time consuming.

In my case my blog is powered by Wordpress, so I enabled the Akismet plugin (http://akismet.com/) which has options to automatically delete comments detected as SPAM, or to place them in a folder for later review.

By getting Akismet to place SPAM into a folder, it's much easier to go through the SPAM folder once a week or so and give it a quick glance over (for the very occasional false positives etc) before deleting everything else.

Perhaps your blog engine has an option/plugin for a similiar spam filter system?

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